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VŠE 2AJ20X (angličtina)

Vítejte na stránce, která by Vám měla pomoci při učení ekonomických definicí v angličtině a tzv. "word building". Definice jsou opsány z nové učebnice pro VŠE kurz 2AJ20X. Jestliže v textech nebo na stránkách najdete jakékoliv chyby - stačí když mi je napíšete na info@stencek.com.

Pozn.: občas se při vypisování definic objeví 1 prázdné pole. Prostě nevyplňujte nic - bude to dobře ;)


Glossary: unit8

a tax that must be paid when a particular goods are imported into a country (see Customs duty)
income after deducting taxes
a good that is available for the society as a whole and not just individual members
a tax paid by citizens to the government usually as a percentage of their income
an estimate of income and expenditure for a future period
an organization of employees working in the same industry or area representing its members in discussion and negotiations with management and government
a payment made by the government to individuals without requiring any goods or services in return
a tax levied on the profits of companies
a sum of money paid regularly by the state to people above a certain age who have stopped working
money paid by the government to people who are unemployed
a sum of money that the government takes from people's incomes, company profits, the sale of goods, etc.
money paid regularly by the government to families with children
a sales tax levied on a particular good or service
money paid by a government to producers of certain goods, to help them provide low-priced goods without loss to themselves
an activity that affects others for better or worse, without those others paying or being compensated for the activity
an amount of money collected by the government through taxation
a government payment for people who are sick, unemployed, disabled, retired, or in any other way in need
the inability of participants of the labour force to find jobs (lack of paid work)
a system of insurance run by the government, into which workers and employers make regular payments, and which provides money for people who are unemployed, old, etc,
a government payment for people who are sick, unemployed, disabled, retired, or in any other way in need (see Social security benefit)
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