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VŠE 2AJ20X (angličtina)

Vítejte na stránce, která by Vám měla pomoci při učení ekonomických definicí v angličtině a tzv. "word building". Definice jsou opsány z nové učebnice pro VŠE kurz 2AJ20X. Jestliže v textech nebo na stránkách najdete jakékoliv chyby - stačí když mi je napíšete na info@stencek.com.

Pozn.: občas se při vypisování definic objeví 1 prázdné pole. Prostě nevyplňujte nic - bude to dobře ;)


Glossary: unit6

the market for Securities where brokers speculate on a rise in their prices
the price at which the quantity demanded equals the quantity supplied
illegal trading in goods and services that are scarce, ether because supplies are officially rationed or forbidden, or because prices are controlled by government order
the market with long-term loans and securities as distinct from the money market, which deals in short-term loans
an organized market where securities are bought and sold under fixed rules
a method of selling in public by letting intended buyers compete with each other by making bids (offers of money)
an article of trade resulting from the process of production OR a primary product
something that motivates people to action or effort
a market in which commodities are bought and sold
the financial harm or disadvantage in business
the market in which the Currency of one country is exchanged for the Currency of another
the market for Securities where speculators sell shares because they expect a fall in their prices
money received by a firm from the sale of goods and services
the choosing of the particular use to which a scarce resource is put
anything of monetary value owned by a firm or individual
the market for land and buildings
a market where shares, bonds and other kinds of securities are traded
ˆ nahoru