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VŠE 2AJ20X (angličtina)

Vítejte na stránce, která by Vám měla pomoci při učení ekonomických definicí v angličtině a tzv. "word building". Definice jsou opsány z nové učebnice pro VŠE kurz 2AJ20X. Jestliže v textech nebo na stránkách najdete jakékoliv chyby - stačí když mi je napíšete na info@stencek.com.

Pozn.: občas se při vypisování definic objeví 1 prázdné pole. Prostě nevyplňujte nic - bude to dobře ;)


Glossary: unit5

the amount of a good that buyers are willing to buy at every price at a particular time and place
the amount of money spent
the flow of goods between households and firms balanced by the flow of payments made in exchange for them
something lent, esp. Money on condition that interest will be paid at an agreed rate and that the amount lent will be repaid at an agreed time and in an agreed manner
a fixed regular payment to employees doing other than manual or mechanical work
the collection of markets in which households sell the services of their productive resources to businesses to be used in production (called market for factors of production)
goods stored in a warehouse or shop for future sale (or US share)
money paid for the use of land considered as a factor of production
the price paid for the use of money such as by a borrower to a lender of money
money paid for manual work, based on hourly, daily, weekly or piece-work rate
the amount received by households in payment for the services of factors of production
the part of a company’s profits payable to shareholders
the collection of markets in which firms sell final goods and services to customers
services of productive resources (land, Labour, capital, enterprise) which households sell or rent to businesses
one of a number of equal portions in the nominal capital of a company entitling the owner to a proportion of distributed profits
notes and coins that are the medium of exchange in a country
the number of items that sellers offer for sale at every price at a particular time and place
ˆ nahoru