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VŠE 2AJ20X (angličtina)

Vítejte na stránce, která by Vám měla pomoci při učení ekonomických definicí v angličtině a tzv. "word building". Definice jsou opsány z nové učebnice pro VŠE kurz 2AJ20X. Jestliže v textech nebo na stránkách najdete jakékoliv chyby - stačí když mi je napíšete na info@stencek.com.

Pozn.: občas se při vypisování definic objeví 1 prázdné pole. Prostě nevyplňujte nic - bude to dobře ;)


Glossary: test_19-21

items that will last for more that three years with normal usage
selling merchandise or services at a much lower price than justified, sometismes even below the price to produce the product or render the service
a phase of the business cycle during which a stagnant economy comes out of the trough
association of trading countries with all characteristics of a customs union and with a common system of taxation, common trade laws and free movement of labour, capital, and goods and services
a tax on the imported products calculated as a percentage of the value of the product
the highest point of the business cycle
making illegally gained income look as if it came from a legal business
goods used up in the production process, i.e. used as input for other production process
aggregate final output of citizens and businesses of a country over a twelve-month period
a contraction persisting for more than six months
total market value of all final goods and services produced by factors of production located in the domestic economy over a twelve-month period
limit on the quantities or total value of specific items that may be imported
the increase in the amount of goods and services the whole economy can produce
association of trading countries whose members apart from removing tariff and quotas between themselves adopt common external trade policy with non-member countries
the increase in the economy’s potential, or full employment, national income
association of trading countries with all characteristics of a common market (see above) and with a fixed rate between the members´ currencies or even a single currency for the whole market
goods purchased for final use by the purchaser
the percentage annual increase in actual national output
the regular patterns of booms and recessions in aggregate economic activity
GDP per person (= per head)
a new or undeveloped industry that may not be able to survive the initial period because of strong foreign competition
an official ban on trade with another country
items that last for less than three years or that are used up immediately
a special tax imposed on imported goods
a certain amount of tax imposed on each unit of the imported product
production and distribution of illegal goods and services and non-reporting of legal economic activities
the bottom of the business cycle, representing the lowest point in economic activity
association of trading countries whose members remove tariffs and qoutas between themselves but retain their restriction towards non-member countries
a severe contraction characterized by unemployment rate higher than 12% for more than one year
ˆ nahoru