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VŠE 2AJ20X (angličtina)

Vítejte na stránce, která by Vám měla pomoci při učení ekonomických definicí v angličtině a tzv. "word building". Definice jsou opsány z nové učebnice pro VŠE kurz 2AJ20X. Jestliže v textech nebo na stránkách najdete jakékoliv chyby - stačí když mi je napíšete na info@stencek.com.

Pozn.: občas se při vypisování definic objeví 1 prázdné pole. Prostě nevyplňujte nic - bude to dobře ;)


Glossary: unit1

the quality in a buseneesman to organize, innovate, bear risks and make nonroutine decisions (see Enterprise 1)
human-made resources (buildings, machinery, and equipment) used to produce goods and services
a resource whose availability cannot satisfy all its desired uses
an organized system of the production, distribution and consumption of wealth
the amount of money paid or needed for buying, doing or producing someth.
lack of available resources to satisfy all desired uses of those resources
the cost of a choice stated in terms of the value of other goods or services that must be given up
good or service that is both useful and scarce and therefore has a price
a continual rise in the average level of prices
money received by a firm from the sale of goods and services
1. the quality in a buseneesman to organize, innovate, bear risks and make nonroutine decisions, 2. an industrial or commercial organization, 3. an economic system which allows a degree of freedom to private businessmen
the study of how people use their limited resources to satisfy unlimited wants
things which are the starting point for manufacturing processes
a commodity that has no price because it is not scarce nad does not require the use of scarce factors of production to create them, e.g. fresh air, sunshine (in certain parts of the world)
a decrease in per-unit cost as a result of an increase in output
1. work, esp. Human work needing the use of strength of body or skill and effort of mind, 2. the whole class of persons who work for their living, 3. one of the main factors of production, the human energy and mental skill and judgement applied in producing economic goods
the factors of production that are put into a business to produce its output
in the business cycle, a very high peak representing a big jump in output
necessity to give up one thing in order to obtain something else (a balance between opposing things, compromise)
a thing provided by nature or accumulated by man that can be used as means of satistying wants
something that motivates people to action or effort
ˆ nahoru